From The Depth Of Soul

by In Aevum Agere

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(Demo 2007)


released March 3, 2016

All rhythm guitars, all lead & backing vocals & narration
Bass guitar performed by Bruno Masulli

Engineered, edited, mixed & mastered by Marcello D'Anna

Programming & synth by Marcello D'Anna

Music & lyrics by Bruno Masulli

All rights reserved


Track II (In Aevum Agere)
Illusion of eternal life makes our existence wasted.
If we live each instant of our existence eternity is useless.

From The Depth Of Soul
Realization of ourselves through personal review,
diligence and rage, learning by solitude too to search for existential
answers from the depth of our soul.

My Eyes Of Pain
The absolute pain as universal leveller of human happiness.

Vocation Mistica (Voice Of Mind)
Fear to be tempted by oursekves, fear to mistake against ourselves.
We can find our equilibrium listening our silence of transparency.

Sound of wind is the solitude.

All rights reserved



all rights reserved


In Aevum Agere Naples, Italy

In Aevum Agere is a Power/ Epic/ Doom Metal band from Italy (Napoli, Campania) formed in 2005 around the vocals, guitarist Bruno masulli and still active today.

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Track Name: Track II (In Aevum Agere)
Rest in pain, without your faith
Your eyes are staring the emptiness

Eternal sleep, into depth of silence
Did you have a chance to seize the day?

Your hurts that bleed
And your hands are scared and cold
Your cry towards the nothingness

On my knees your face of sorrow
Time has gone don’t look back again

Wasted is the time to absolve your soul
Ashes to ashes, damnation! (Resignation!)
Fall into darkness expiate for your faults
Death is reality you’ve got it you know to exist
Lost is your reality forsake to eternal life*

No one answer
No one hope for human sin
It surrounds you …

... Deserted in a world of pain (you cannot see the end)
Surrounds you
Eternal life is not in your destiny
Track Name: From The Depth Of Soul
I close my eyes and I feel my sadness
So I really can to see
Where’re the things I’m pretending
I hold the frost of reality

A breath, my thoughts in contemplation
Scars and not healing hurts
Human faults, human creations
I make my world of dreams apart

All my of dreams of early life live again they’ll never die
As sweet touch of harmony
From the depth I hear a call it’s the voice of my soul
It’s a beautiful melody

I’m alive and I’ve got my mind control
I give my answers
True is my pain, my anxiety, my existence
I write my fate following my soul
Please forgive me I don’t see the end
Of that is not, it will be then

Trap of existence

My life is just begun I’ll forgive the suffered evil
I will pleased to give my real well
for a dying soul
Shall be done for me? Silent hope to tomorrow?
After the end I’ll know
Meaning of the death, from the depth of soul

Closed my eyes refuge of madness
To find the real mean to be
Image to mirrors of uniqueness
I discover in me my identity

Raging words of resignation
So I’m still in solitude
Human fault of isolation
I leave myself free to choose
Track Name: My Eyes Of Pain
I hear my heart to beat at call of a silent scream
A failing voice of loneliness (existence)
If my hurts could heal and fill
The emptiness, it’s around of me

A silent voice a desperate cry of soul
So many tears go down as falling leaves
Into my darkness I meet the real truth
I take my hands to unknown
I’m waiting for the end

Nothing to say, (I breathe my pain)
I don’t believe, I don’t want know it
I’m free to exist
I’m free to live with my pain (into my pain)

I’m alive and my dreams are rising
A human hope as companion of misery
I’m alone and a hope is rising
Still is rising a falling memory

I’m alive and my hopes are rising
Breathing my sorrow creeps into my heart
My eyes of pain stare a dying
Stare a dying, a dying reality

I feel my heart to wait for a sweetness call
A gentle voice will wipes my eyes of pain
Into my blackness
I see the light of truth
Inside of me I feel
My blood flows through my veins
Track Name: Vocatio Mistica (Voice Of Mind)

Voice of my soul joined to my mind control
Says to my thinks to wait in silence
I wait for my soul I search for the way
I’ll find the real mean to be

Lost into anguish my mind give birth to
Mystic creations of fire
Belong to me there are thousand ways
The heart of existence

Unknown is my fate, I go for my way
I don’t will wait the final sentence
I’m not afraid to stay alone
I’m the voice of my mind

Take my hand, you are alone
Leave me free
I’m the cure, I’m your only voice
I am the way
I’m here, Listen to me
You are my fears
What do you searching for?

Voice of my soul discovers my dreams
Voice of my mind keeps me alive
Demons of mind are waiting for me
I open the eyes of inside
A human temptation is born again
Voice of mind is calling
Eternal pain, ethereal doom
for human mortality

Take my hand, you are falling down
Leave me free
I’m the cure, I’m your only choice
I am the way
I’m here, come with me
I’m stay alive
Your are in me, hear me
Don’t take my soul you are my loneliness
You are alone, I’m here, follow me
You are my fears
I’m the cure, I’m your only voice
What is your way, your choice, your refuge

I’m trying to understand meaning of life
In a world of pain it is burning into lie
There is not a reason to deceive my mind
Trying my truth with the repent
I don’t wait to be entrapped by my mind
I’am not afraid of my darkest side
Fear and pain belong the ways of life
I try for it with no defence

Voice of my soul joined to my mind control
Says my thinks to wait in silence
I wait for my soul I search for the truth
The real mean to be

Meaning of life of pain and despair
Are explained by our existence
Rising inside from the ashes of life
Beyond the human insanity