Fugit In Solitudine

by In Aevum Agere

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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Grande Doom con qualche parvenza di Candlemass e 80's metallo. Non è nulla di male se ya ottenere la mia deriva. Grande riff headbanging dai miei amici italiani. Favorite track: No Hope Of Death.
Brad Abar
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Brad Abar We Are All DOOMED! Favorite track: No Hope Of Death.
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paul rote Manilla Road meets Candlemass ! Favorite track: The Great Refusal (Ignavus).
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Fugit In Solitudine (Ep)

Bruno Masulli; all vocals and guitars
Piersabato Gambino; bass

Engineering, mixed and mastered by Luca Coppola

Cover Art by Veronica Caputo

Music and lyrics by Bruno Masulli


released September 7, 2016

Michele Coppola; drums on The Great Refusal (Ignavus)
Marco Priore; guitars on The Great Refusal (Ignavus)



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In Aevum Agere Naples, Italy

In Aevum Agere is a Power/ Epic/ Doom Metal band from Italy (Napoli, Campania) formed in 2005 around the vocals, guitarist Bruno masulli and still active today.

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Track Name: No Hope Of Death
No hope of death

Through the gates of pain
Land of the wasted souls
Point of no return, stench of misery

Condemned to eternity
Leave any hope of death
Waiting for every man who fears no god

Voice of desperation
Inglorious existence
Screams of endless hate, tears of suffering

Legions of souls
Sinners with no remorse
They are forever lost in that black air of death

No forgiveness, no salvation for them
Resignation and pain
They have no hope of death
No hope of death!

Visions of castigation
Malicious sounds of hell
Accents of terror, words of blasphemy

Lost into eternal storm
Betrayers of the past
Eternal ways of pain, out of reality

No forgiveness, at the end of the light
Unbelievers of pain
They have no hope of death
No hope of death!
Track Name: The Great Refusal (Ignavus)
The Great Refusal (Ignavus)

“only etterne, and I eternal last!”
“through me the ways among the people lost”
Hard to understand, show me who they are!
Words of agony resounded through the air without a star

Slaves of themselves, martyrs of the lies
Revelations, believers in disguise
Through this way we go, to the city dolent!
Holy sentence of the great refusal, he has no repent!
No repent!

Hear the voice of souls into fetid plains of insanity
Evil eyes of perverse exctasy
And voices high and hoarse, with sound of hands
Ululations of despair across the lands

Reign of sadness, no infamy or praise
Horrid confusion, abandoned in disgrace
Rage and madness, here there’s no innocent
Sacred torment of the great refusal, they have no repent!
No repent!

Spells of imprecation, lost in squalid delight
Disgusting bedlam who were never alive
Miscreants and depraved of the futile identities
God’s unwelcome and his enemies! .. And his enemies

“through me the way is to eternal dole”
Commingled with that unholy choir of the angel’s fall
Expelled from the heavens, nor them the abyss receives
For glory none the damned would have from them

Divine justice, languages of hate
Disdained and envious of every other fate
Through this way we come, to the city dolent!
Holy sentence of the great refusal, they have no repent!
No repent!

No repent, no repent!
Track Name: Existence

The last dream is fading away
But i am awake to look what i have around
I am lost but i try to find myself
Thoughts that find reason for being
There’s no excuse to give up half of my journey
I have no excuse to stop again
I’m not afraid to be alone
And i know all that is now, will never be


I see the world as it really is
And it’s at a great distance
Infinite borders that were never reached
I can see the end of life, but i've always known to exist
Shades of life in solitude
Its’ sublime, a sweet pleasant face
I reflect in the mirror of my identity
In a perfect world where everything is in its place

I exist, i’m in pain

I will live, i exist

I exist, i’m in pain

Existence, i exist!

Nothing is what it seems
No exceptions
Alone in silence, i watch what i've seen
I may be wrong
I tell the truth
Through the eyes of innocence, i still look away

The last dream is fading away
I can say i did what i could
Everything flows, everything will die
And i live my life, i know it's the only one
I can’t go back, i did not waste my time
My fate follows me
I dont pretend to be understood
But let me live with all my distant memories
Track Name: The Dignity Of Solitude
The Dignity Of Solitude

You are alive
Eyes of unlimited forgiveness
Now everything runs slow
Painful questions, but no answers
Words of those who no wait for more

Your resignation, confused words of silence and death

The silent sorrow of your tragedies
Distressing signs of decay
You was alive
Dreams of wonderful existence
Epilogue of who asks nothing in return

Abandonment and desperation , tears on your hands
Scream of the silence, a cry of the soul
You feel the dignity of solitude,
The dignity of solitude,
Dignity of your solitude,
The dignity of solitude